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Cellular Triangulation and Forensics for Litigators

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Forensic Classes and Webinars Available

Let our team of instructors provide beginning, intermediate and expert training. Our tailor made instruction focuses on your immediate or long term concerns and empowers you in understanding the complex world of digital evidence.
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Cellular Triangulation

Call Detail Records (CDR):


When obtaining records from a wireless carrier, it is very important to first submit a preservation letter prior to developing your case. Before moving forward in any case, call us and we will provide you with the necessary verbiage to successfully retain the appropriate subpoena and court order.


CDR's vary with each carrier but they all contain data which will assist in any investigation. CDR's contain relevant data such as call date/time activity, length of calls, length of SMS messages, originating call cell sites and terminating call cell sites.


The most important data in most cases is the CDR with tower information. The tower information is commonly overlooked by investigators and attorneys.


Most CDR data is self explanatory but carriers report the the Tower and Sector information differently. The key to remember when reviewing CDR records is to identify sector orientation, anomalies, patterns of use and other subscriber data which may be relevant. In addition, since sectors are not positioned the same direction in degrees, environmental surveys may also be keys to a successful case.As part of a certified review process, an in-field environmental survey may be necessary to plot a relevant tower.


Mapping : Once the CDR and tower information is obtained, mapping diagrams are produced related to specified call activity. In the below example, cellular reconstruction can actually denote a direction of travel or movement based on call patterns and sector activity.



Training : ETI offers certified training courses for Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, and Private Attorneys nationwide.


All courses are designed to address case specific issues related to the use and misuse cellular technology, subscriber call detail records, prediction maps, the blind network, anomalies, and GPS data. Participants will be educated on various cellular and GPS device operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and other cellular systems which directly impact GEO-Location data. Others areas to be discussed are:

1. Search warrant and crime scene best practices

2. Evidence handling, isolation, analysis and preservation

3. Cellular and GPS laws, preservation letters, subpoenas and court orders

4. Civil requests

5. Relative areas, neighboring towers, and pattern analysis


Our basic and advanced CLE courses are designed to address the use and misuse of cellular call detail records and forensics in court and will provide litigators with the knowledge to introduce or challenge cellular data presented in court and to create direct and cross examination questions in support of their case. Course credits range from 8 to 10.5 credits for course.







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